Saturday, May 21, 2005

True Crime - UPDATE

Last week, I posted photos of Steven Lorenzo's home at 213 West Powhatten. If you remember, Lorenzo is the suspect in a series of kidnappings and murders of gay men. The police began searching the house again during the beginning of May but had been tight lipped about what they were looking for specfically and what they had found. However, in a St. Petersburg Times story today, Tampa Police elaborate on the case and the evidence recovered inside the home.

"They found rope, tape, plastic gloves and other "torture-type" items - along with printed pages about serial killers. They found an envelope containing newspaper articles about Galehouse, Wachholtz and "other missing or dead individuals."
They found pictures on Lorenzo's computer of a "lifeless" young man, blood on his face and on the floor beneath him, ligature marks on his wrists and ankles.
Tampa police and Hillsborough sheriff's detectives examined the pictures. So did two medical examiners and a DEA agent. They all agreed: The man was dead when the pictures were taken, in what appears to be Lorenzo's living room and bathroom."

It also looks like Lorenzo had an accomplice, Scott Schweickert, who helped plan and carry out the abductions and murders. Furthermore, there may have been previous attempts before the Galehouse/Wacholtz killings and there may have been victims after those two deaths.

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