Tuesday, April 26, 2005

phil jackson

phil jackson is being courted by los angeles, new york and cleveland.
from a professional/job-only standpoint, cleveland seems to make the most sense
lebron is what kobe wanted to be and represents a younger, coachable phenom without all the baggage. if dan gilbert is willing to open up his wallet to jackson and keep the wallet open for phil to spend and make decisions about players/staff, etc, i just wouldn't see how he could pass that up.
now, in reality, the job is only one aspect and living in cleveland, thousands of miles from your girlfriend in LA, is probably NOT the ideal situation...too bad because it might have worked really well.
new york makes NO sense due to the heavy constraints brought on by the collection of large contracts by isiah thomas and his predecessors - maybe a couple of years down the line, or maybe flip saunders.
what a sloppy breakup makeup relationship kobe and phil have and how much more of a soap opera could you ask for if he does return to the lakers

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