Friday, April 22, 2005

more about the d-rays

Ian Beckles and the 620 folks, as well as the oustnamoli site have been discussing the idea of a direct action show of disapproval for Vince Namoli. Unfortunately, I don't think they're proposed plan is all that strong. As it stands now, organizers are calling for fans to wear white t-shirts to the May 26 DRays v. Mariners game at the Trop. During the 7th inning, after doing the stretch, fans would simply leave their seats and skip the home-half of that inning....the greate WHITE OUT.
As Jim Rome said today (what a dick that guy is, but that's a whole other post), skipping a half inning and wearing a white T-shirt isn't exactly all that strong of a stance.
I propose something a bit more drastic. First of all, the shirt, or maybe signs, should have a unified message....vince, who did we sign with our luxury tax? in a more witty kinda way...something to that effect. Second, why in the hell would WE, the fans, leave the game...oh no..i want NAMOLI to Leave the Trop....the idea should be to make vince so uncomfortable that he heads for the exits - not for a half inning but for a while...i think a chant and some signs would help this cause....but this needs to be an all out assualt...visual, auditory, and action (moving, standing, something).

tonight Kazmir is facing the Red Sox and as of the bottom of the 4th, he's pitching a pretty decent game.

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