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iPhone Mods - tips and tricks

I have been playing with my iPhone 3G a lot lately and having a lot of fun figuring some useful mods out. This reminds me of early computer days in terms of user-end changes and experimentation. Anyway, all of these ideas are stolen from other sites and just synthesized here in my logic - which is at the level of a retarded 3rd grader.

How to Sync Your iPhone on Multiple Computers (e.g. your desktop and laptop)

1. Download the free programUltraEdit

2. Find your itunes library

3. Locate the file "iTunes Music Library.xml"

3. Open the file with any text editor (e.g. notepad or UltraEdit)

4. Find the entry between the tags that follows "Library Persistent ID". The entry will be a long alpha-numeric entry.

5. Copy the entry down exactly on a piece of paper.

6. Close the file.

7. Make sure itunes is not running

8. On the other machine you want to sync with (e.g. laptop or work computer), open the file "iTunes Music Library.xml" in a text editor and, again, find the entry between the tags that follows "Library Persistent ID". The entry will again be a long alpha-numeric string of 16 characters.

9. Copy the entry down exactly on a piece of paper.

10. Now, replace that entry with the entry you copied in step 5 - don't change anything else. The new entry should also be 16 characters and match that on your first computer.

11. Use UltraEdit Hex Editor to open the file "Tunes Music Library.itl" (or "iTunes Music Library" on a Mac).
12. Select "find and replace" from the edit menu -- make sure Hex matching is selected, not ASCII
13. In "Find", enter the ID you wrote down in step 5. In "Replace", enter the ID you copied down in Step 9.
14. Choose "Replace All"
15. Save file and close it

How To Jailbreak Your Iphone

1. Download WINPWN 2.5

2. Download Firmware 2.0.2 IPSW

3. Plug in iPhone to USB

4. Power off iphone

5. Run WinPWN 2.5

6. Select the 2.0.2 Firware file when prompted

7. Follow steps to put iphone in DFU mode

8. WINPWN will shop up on iPhone with message to restore custom IPSW

9. Hold SHIFT button and push the restore button in iTunes

10. You will be prompted to select your IPSW

11. Select the ISPW you must built (it will be called something like “Custom_2.0.2” and will likely be in My Documents

How To Tether Your 3G (using your iPhone to get your laptop on the internet)

1. Jailbreak your Iphone

2. Download 3Proxy in Cydia

3. Download Terminal in Cydia

4. Create an “ad-hoc” network by right clicking on the two computers in the bottom right hand corner of XP or Vista

5. In the first box of the create ad-hoc dialog, type in anything you want for the network name. I named mine “3G Net”

6. In the second menu, select, “No Security/Open Access”

7. Create Network

8. You will temporarily lose your internet access as your laptop starts the ad-hoc network and leaves the wireless you were on

9. Now go to your Iphone

10. Go to Settings à Wi-Fi and your newly created Ad-Hoc Network should be listed there

11. Join that network

12. Now you need to write your new IP Address down for your Iphone by clicking on the blue dot to the right of the network name in settings

13. Write the IP Address down, you will need it in a moment

14. Now go to the “Terminal” program on the 3G

15. Type in “socks”

16. Nothing will seem to happen, but it does

17. Hit the home key

18. Go to Safari and then type in a URL (e.g. http://www.google.com)

19. Your Iphone won’t be able to get on the web through the Ad-hoc and will automatically switch to 3G but it will keep the ad-hoc network running in the background

20. Now go to your laptop and open up Firefox

21. Go to Tools à Options àNetwork à Settings

22. Click “manual proxy configuration”

23. On the last line that says SOCKS Host, type in the Iphone IP address you wrote down earlier

24. Type in 1080 for the port to the right

25. Click ok

26. In the URL of firefox, type in “about:config”

27. On the Filter line, type “socks”

28. Click on network.proxy.socks_remote_dns

29. This will change the value from “false” to “true”

30. In the URL box, type in a URL (e.g. http://www.google.com) and you should be good to GO!!!!

31. If you need more help, go to

a. http://cre.ations.net/blog/post/how-to-tether-your-iphone-3g-and-browse-the-web-using-your-3g-co

How to get NES ROMs on your Iphone

1. Download WinSCP on your home computer or laptop

a. It’s free at

i. http://winscp.net/download/winscp416setup.exe

2. On your iPhone, go to Cydia – you will need three programs

a. WifiToggle

b. OpenSSH

c. NES

3. Connect your 3G to a WiFi network

4. Get IP Address of the iPhone (Settings à Wifi à blue button on the right)

5. Disconnect the phone from the Wifi Network

6. Go back to WinSCP and type in the iPhone IP Address in the “Host Name” field

7. Type in “root” as the username and “alpine” as the password but DO NOT try to connect yet

8. Go to the iphone and hit “Toggle Wifi”

9. This will enable the WiFi and give a message that says “Enabling in 3 seconds” and then disappear when you join

10. Right when the message disappears, or just before, hit “Join/Connect” on WinSCP

11. The timing is important – otherwise the iPhone security features will load up and not allow you to connect

12. If you connect successfully a file explorer screen will come up with the iphone on the right side

13. Now you are ready for ROMs

14. ROMs can be placed in …..

a. You might need to create a directory called “NES”

15. To find ROMs, you need a torrent programs, like uTorrent

a. http://download.utorrent.com/1.8/utorrent.exe

16. Go to http://www.mininova.org and search for NES games

17. You can usually find all the ROMs as one zipped file

18. Download the file using uTorrent

19. Now you just drag and drop the files using WinSCP from your computer to the correct folder on the iPhone

How to Create Ringtones

1. First, you need to go to Control Panel à Appearance and Personalization à Folder Options à Show Hidden Files and Folders à and make sure that “hide extensions for known file types” is NOT selected

2. Go to itunes and select the song you want (if using itunes, you can’t do this with a song purchased through itunes).

3. Right click on the song and select “Get Info”

4. Put in the start and stop time of the ring tone you want to create in the dialog box (max = 40 seconds)

5. Select “OK”

6. Now, right click on the file and go to “Convert Selection to AAC” and click on this

7. Itunes will do some magic and the new file will appear

8. Right click on the file and select “display in Windows Explorer”

9. Find the file in Windows Explorer

10. Make sure that the file has the “m4a” extension – if not, see step 1

11. Select the file and right click on it and select “rename”

12. Rename the file from whatever.m4a to whatever.m44

13. You should get a message from windows telling you that this will be an unstable file. That’s good. If you don’t get the message, see step 1.

14. Go back to itunes and add the file into the library

15. Now sync or drag the file into ringtones

References and Software

1. How To Sync Your iPhone to multiple computers

2. UltraEdit

3. WinPWN 2.5

4.IPSW Files (Firmware)

5. iCafe

6. i dev team

7. Sleepers

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