Wednesday, June 27, 2007

W.A.S.P International Convention?
Nope, ¡just the Biblioteca Publica!

The Biblioteca Publica in San Miguel de Allende is located just west of the Plaza Civica. It's in a really ugly yellow building but it makes a nice place to study as it is just a short walk across the plaza from the PACEMD/MedSpanish building. Thus, we spend a decent amount of time there.

The nice thing about the place is that it's got a huge outdoor patio with a coffee shop and cafe. Plus, there is a movie theater off the courtyard (Santa Ana Theater) that plays independent films 2Xs per day for 50 pesos a person. In addition, it's one of the few locations around town that has free wireless internet (also check the Instituto Allende on Ancha de San Antonio).

There are a few annoying things about the place as well.
First, if you visit the library you should go knowing that this is an English language collection - the second largest biblioteca de ingles en la país.
In addition, it's the gathering spot of all the U.S. and European people who have moved here or relocated for a long period of time - so it's going to feel like you are back home...but an even more annoying version of back home. This is a back home filled with ping-pong ball people just bouncing through life and flopping into San Miguel. Also not a place to go to hear Spanish. So, just know those things going in and if you can get past that, the library isn't a bad place to study and get cheap food/coffee.

Upstairs from the library is the headquarters of the English weekly, Atención.

La Biblioteca is indicated with the central red thumbtack, pacemd with the yellow and the house with the red marker to the far right (east)

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